Forex trading is the exchange of currencies - one for another. The values of currencies against each other change constantly. Those changing prices create opportunities. Being a true STP broker, Capital TradeFx offers one of the most advanced Forex trading platforms enabling you to trade currency pairs ranging from majors to exotic pairs.

Many new traders are not aware that the FX market alone is responsible for being 10 times larger than the stock market with a daily trade volume of over $4 trillion, offering you an endless array of possibilities.Our team of specialists is fully trained to offer any trading platform assistance required and assist with setting up an account for you.The Forex world is truly unlimited with opportunities. Discover the currency markets for yourself today. Try risk free Forex trading with your own Capital TradeFx Demo Account. You can start learning to trade in as little as 60 minutes.



Capital TradeFX Ltd is an International Foreign Exchange broker offering tailored trading services to clients from all over the world. Capital TradeFX Ltd is registered in Hong Kong and licensed in St Vincent & Grenadines.

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